Against The Gods

Against The Gods


Legendary House Hill, Cloud’s End High cliff, one of the most hazardous of Azure Cloud Continent’s 4 lethal locations. Cloud’s End High cliff’s base is referred to as the Pale horse’s Burial ground. Over numerous years, the variety of individuals that have actually diminished this high cliff is too expensive to count. None, also 3 more powerful than god masters, whose power might puncture the paradises, have actually had the ability to return active. A young boy that’s being chased after by numerous individuals due to the fact that he alone holds an invaluable prize leaps off the high cliff, yet rather of dying he wakes up in the body of a child with the very same name in one more globe! This is the tale of a child possessing the Skies Poisonous substance Pearl, growing the toughness to oppose paradise and also planet, a lord forgeting the globe! …

Initially published: Against The Gods


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