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Lonely Attack On A Different World

Lonely Attack On A Different World


The greatest does not require any kind of cheats!

Haruka, that invests his senior high school life a loner, was unexpectedly mobilized to one more globe eventually together with all his schoolmates.

When ol’ God goes into the photo, Haruka thinks he can simply pick whatever rip off ability he intends to aid him endure in the brand-new globe …
Yet, unlike his assumptions, that listing of rip off abilities works with a very first come, initially offer basis. Therefore, his schoolmates pick all the rip off abilities.

His options currently restricted to leftovers, Haruka discovers himself unable of setting up a celebration because of his very own “loner” ability.
Although it’s a various globe, it appears his adventuring days will certainly be, based on common, a singular event …

After familiarizing a dilemma towering above his schoolmates, Haruka makes a quiet oath to conserve them. No relying upon cheats!
He will certainly stroll an apostate course of stamina that goes beyond the demand for them.

The drape climbs on the greatest loner’s otherworld technique overview! …

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