Rebirth Of The Divine Doctor

Rebirth Of The Divine Doctor


A high-level policeman in the Militaries as well as a master of both Chinese as well as western medication, Feng Yu Heng is transmigrated with a duang noise to the Da Reject Empire. Her dad is far-off, her granny is unloving, her mommy is unwell, her sibling is young, as well as her siblings are despiteful, with each even more fierce than the previous. After transmigrating as well as being born-again, she certainly can not proceed being a good-for-nothing like the previous proprietor of this body. Intend to take on me? It will certainly be total supremacy! Intend to create me damage? A solitary scalpel will certainly transform you to mincemeat! Intend to play unclean? A needle will certainly immobilize half your body! Intend to eliminate me? A solitary scrape will certainly disembowel you! The previously easy-to-bully totally changes as well as comes to be one of the most preferred of Da Steer clear of Empire. A health center to be opened up with the Emperor will certainly bring the love of the masses as well as a good deal of riches. What’s this regarding a marital relationship to this unreasonable royal prince? What does the cripple need to claim? …

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