Tenseishichatta Yo (Iya, Gomen)

Tenseishichatta Yo (Iya, Gomen)


After a god mess up and also unintentionally takes high schooler Shou’s life, he provides him reincarnation with a present to offset it. Shou asks to maintain all his old memories for the brand-new life. Shou is born-again as Will, an honorable’s kid in a globe where magic usage prevails and also includes expertise of kanji personalities. With all his memories, he’s a great kid, and also when he try outs magic, he discovers that he has a remarkable ability for it! What’s even more, though he was unpopular however clever in his old life, in his brand-new life he has a dad and also a mom that both enjoy him deeply. His future as Will is looking extremely intense! …

Initially published: Tenseishichatta Yo (Iya, Gomen)


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