The Great Ruler

The Great Ruler


The Wonderful Thousand Globe. It is a location where various aircrafts converge, a location where lots of clans live as well as a location where a team of lords construct. The Heavenly Sovereigns show up individually from the Lower Planes as well as they will certainly all show a tale that would certainly want as they go after the roadway of being a leader in this limitless world.In the Unlimited Fire Region that the Fire Emperor manages, hundreds of fire blazes via the heavens.Inside the Martial World, the power of the Martial Forefather terrifies the paradise as well as the earth.At the West Paradise Holy place, the may of the Emperor of a Hundred Battles is absolute.In the Northern Desolate Hillside, a location loaded with hundreds of tombs, the Never-ceasing Proprietor regulations the world.A kid from the North Spiritual World appears, riding on a 9 Inferno Bird, as he bills right into the varied as well as fantastic globe. Simply that can subjugate their fate of their course on coming to be a Wonderful Leader? In the Great Thousand Globe, lots of make every effort to come to be a Wonderful Leader …

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